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 Species List

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Raziya Amunet
Raziya Amunet

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PostSubject: Species List   Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:03 pm

Aliens- Somewhat self explainatory. These are beings from planets other than Earth. They may come in all shapes and sizes. Your imagination is the only limit to how your alien character may be.

Androids- A robot that has been made to take on a human-like form. Usually these can be identified as an android by a few physical differentials, and yet some may be so realistic that they would seem human. However, they can never truly act human for they have no emotions.

Angels- Holy battlers from the realm of heaven. They have white colored, feathered wings that resemble birds' wings. They are immortal in a sense, and cannot be destroyed by regular means.

Anthropes- Creatures that have one half animal characteristics, and one half human characteristics. The most common of these seem to be Nekomata(Beings that are one half human, one half cat demon).

Centaurs- Technically an anthrope, but come from a mythical origon. Centaurs' upper bodies are human, and their lower bodies are of horse origin.

Cerberus- The three-headed giant dog beast of hades. Sometimes it is also depicted as having as many as 50-100 heads. This beast has a snake tail for a tail, and innumerable snake heads upon it's back. This beast is usually able to breath fire from all three heads, however in some cases this is not true. This beast may be able to breath multiple elements as well as have more magical abilities.

Chimera- The chimera is the majestic creature that is made up of other beasts. Some depictions state a chimera as a beast that has the body of a goat, tail of a snake or dragon, and the head of a lion. Although some say that the chimera had heads of both the goat and the lion with a snake tail. However, chimeras always are able to breath fire from one or more of it's heads. The sight of a chimera was usually the sign of destruction that was soon to come.

Cyborgs- Humans that have had excessive robotic implants in their bodies, usually becoming half human half robot with superhuman strength and body mounted weaponry.

Demons- Beings that reside in the realm of hell. They have dark, evil magicks and are followers of the devil himself. They are immortal, only able to be destroyed by holy powers.

Dragons- Mythical beasts that resemble flying lizards. They breath fire from their nose and mouth, have almost unpiercable skin, and amazing strength. They may also may come in different forms. From large bulky bodies with huge wings to support their gerth, to slender, longer bodies like a serpent.

Draconians- Dragons that take on a more human form. Draconians are of an almost deceased species, and are very rare to come upon. They have the choice of dragon transformation during battle. Though Draconians may appear to be human, their yellow-eyes give away the inhuman qualities within them, so do not be fooled. Draconians, unlike Dragons, do not safeguard their honor...if they even have any.

Dwarves- Beings that resemble humans, yet are shorter in size, have more body hair, and stockier. They live in underground tunnels or mountainous regions, where they excavate countless treasures. Their society revolves around blacksmithing, where they create armor and weapons, all of which cost high prices for their how rare and powerful they are.

Elementalists- Self-explainatory. Creatures that are of the elements and specialize only in that one element's powers.

Elves- A creature of the forest. They resemble humans with pointed ears. They are considered to be a race of minor Gods of nature and fertility. Being minor gods, they are immortal and cannot die of old age, as well as have magical powers bestowed upon them.
--Drow elves- The dark skinned, white haired, short tempered elves. They are the complete opposite of High Elves. Drow, while not actually evil in nature, may be benevolent or malevolent depending on how they were raised. They are also blessed with magical spell casting abilities, as well as immortality. Usually these elves can be seen at war with other clans of elves.
--High elves- These elves have lighter skin, blonde or white colored hair, and are generally good or neutral in status. These are the counter-part of the Drow. They usually live in stone cities, rather than in the mountains like the Drow, or the woods like the Wood Elves.
--Wood elves- Elven creatures that live in the woods. They have a special connection with nature, while also having a natural spell casting ability and a high intelligence.
--Blood elves- Elves that are no longer immortal. Blood elves are a vengeful and angry race, cutting down their enemies easily and without question. They are a very powerful race, tactful and quick of mind, though their appreciation in finer things has begun to dwindle.
--Night elves- Elves that bathe in the light of the moon. Night elves are the most beautiful among their race, with navy blue skin and likewise hair. They are gentle and kind for the most part, and have a seductive air about them that makes them unique.

Faeries- Mystical creatures that have a mostly human appearance. They usually come with a pair of wings, and have the magical abilities to fly, influence or forsee the future, and cast spells.

Gargoyles- Winged humanoid creatures with demonic facial features. They use their wings to fly or glide through the air, and either have somewhat of a rocky-like hide or may turn into stone in one way or another.

Giants- Beings that take on a human form, and yet are of extreme size and incredible strength. They seem to usually have an angry, chaotic nature, and seem to be in constant clash with Gods. They are attributed with superhuman strength, a long lifespan, and therefore much intelligence. Yet they are weak in imagination and morals.

Griffons- Beasts with the body of a lion, and the head and wings of an eagle. They are usually depicted as having prominent ears. Being made of both the "King of Beasts", aka the lion, and the "King of the Air", aka the eagle, the Griffon iis thought to be an especially powerful beast. However, in some origins, only the female griffon have wings.

Half-breeds- Should be self explainatory. The cross between two species to create one being. However, this cannot be done with angels and demons, as many people believe is possible. As a belief of Cristian mythology, God would not allow an angel and a demon to create a single being together. So the being that might be considered a half being, would actually be tainted and become a pure demonic being.

Hobbits-A subset of the human race. They are usually around two to four feet tall, slightly stout, and have slightly pointed ears. They have furry feet and leather-like skin on the soles of their feet, possibly because they never wear shoes. They tend to live unadventurous lives, living on farms and whatnot. They also tend to live slightly longer than humans, their average about 100 years while they may live to be 130 or more.

Humans-...You know what you are..

Imps- A being similar to a faerie. They tend to be mischievious in nature, yet not actually evil. However, the attendants of the Devil are sometimes depicted as imps. Imps are the least evil of all demonic creatures and tend to travel in packs or mobs. They are also shapeshifters, taking on forms of small shadowy figures as to hide in the darkness and play semi-destructive tricks on people.

Mermaids/Mermen- Beings that have a human torso, and the lower body of a fish. They are able to breath in and out of water, yet cannot walk because of the fish fins that take the place of legs.

Nagah- Snake-humonoid beings. Dispite their vicious appearance, they are only malevolent towards human when mistreated by them. It is said that these beings carry the elixir of life, and are blessed with immortality.

Orcs- A humanoid creature, depicty as the main army of most evil forces. These beings are huge in size, have great physical strength, and covered in either fully body hair or greenish, scaly skin. Although thought as mindless beasts, they are actually intelligent battle strategers and may easily overpower a rival army with their sheer power and number.

Pegasus- The winged horse creature of Greek mythology...Don't know much else besides that.

Undead- Beings that have died and come back in a 'living corpse' form. They have no heart activity, and are animated in some other fashion.
--Vampires- Beings that have been killed by another vampire, and come back to life. There are two different types of vampires. Sangurian and Psionic. Sangurian vampires are the most common of the two. They puncture wounds into the victim's skin, causing blood to leak, and drink the blood from the victim to regain their nurishment. This is the only way they are able to gain any sort of nurishment. Psionic vampires drain their energy from other beings by mental powers alone, and have strong mental abilities. Both races have the same attributes, the only difference is their feeding method.
--Zombies- Brainless, thoughtless killing machines. They "live" to kill others, feeding off their flesh, and moving on to the next victim. They are generally slow moving, yet powerful in physical strength. However they are extremely stupid, with no real thought passing through their brains other than the need to feed. They react to nothing other than something attempting to kill them.

Unicorns- These are the horse-like creatures, with a single spiral horn upon their heads. Their hair is always white in color. The traditional unicorn has a billy-goat beard, a lion's tail, and cloven hoofs which distinguish them from real horses. The horn upon a unicorn's head is able to nuetralize any and all kinds of poisons, and are able to fly by magical means.

Werecats- Shapeshifters of sorts who turn into a species of feline. The type of species that the werecat can turn into various, from a domestic cat, to tiger, lion, leopard, lynx, or any other sort of feline animal. However a werecat may only change into one type, and never into another.

Werewolves- A shapeshifter that may change into a wolf by either magical means, or by curse. This is usually done by the sight of a full moon. However this is not always the case. It is depicted that werewolves are killed only by being shot by a silver bullet, or my decapitation. Also, they are sometimes able to transform into vampires after death.
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Species List
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