For those of us without color; we are the Grey Hearts.
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 Passing Time

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Zabieru Amunet

Zabieru Amunet

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PostSubject: Passing Time   Fri Sep 26, 2008 12:36 am

(eh, totally random)

Its all about how the days go by.
How many lonely nights I must endure.
Wondering whats truth from lie.
My faithfulness I can ensure.
Can you say more than try?

If a person always repeats everything.
I am already living in a broken dream
My heart begging to sing.
My lungs only willing to scream.
Still bandaging my broken wing.

The warmth of touch fading into the unknown.
Wondering when you'll be back.
And if my heart can ever be sewn.
Or have we fallen too far off track?
Am I already back on my own?

Maybe I never really met you at all.
Perhaps you are the dream in my soul.
The parts of me within that endless wall.
The little secrets that make me whole
Why I will never fall.

But these pictures hung all about.
Force me to believe you are real.
Proof to me in my moment of doubt.
And hold the lines to my hearts ability to heal.
Silently my love chokes out my shout.

Distance can be cruel.
Yet it can also make us strong.
And become our greatest tool.
And help us find our way through wrong.
Make us less of a fool.

But ultimately I am just passing time.
Til I see you again.
Until then its hard to be fine.
Emptiness I find myself standing in.
The pain of just passing time.
Until you are mine.

Giggity Giggity Gooooo!
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Passing Time
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