For those of us without color; we are the Grey Hearts.
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Project Ninjah

Project Ninjah

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PostSubject: .........No   Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:08 pm

This grey is getting dull. Very. Very. VERY fast. Atleast use some hues or something...not just ...grey, I see some contrast if anything but c'mon, those eyes are the only contrast..(besides the words) on this site...then there's those emoticons. It's nuts. Would it be wrong to say that I WANT COLOR because GREY is just too normal. Yeesh, draining the artistic ability right out of me.. Anyway, besides that rant of complaining, don't get tight or anything because it was just humor.

Let's see, there isn't that much to know expect that I can be cynical at some points.. ^ and I like art. Very much. It makes a new perspective on everything, believe it or not, while some core classes say You're wrong or You're Right, Art is neither right or wrong, and you can't really do a bad job unless you don't try. So. That's all I have to say. And that avatar. Yah. It's mine.

If you want me to 'Photoshop' anything, I'd actually be happy to help and see what I could do. If you give me ideas on what you want, I will in time do it if I'm not buried in homework. /End/
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