For those of us without color; we are the Grey Hearts.
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 Grey Heart Bar/Inn (an insane asylum in disguise!)

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Raziya Amunet
Raziya Amunet

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PostSubject: Grey Heart Bar/Inn (an insane asylum in disguise!)   Fri Sep 05, 2008 6:57 pm

The whole reason why we're here: the origin of The Grey Hearts.

Due to dearest Seraphim NEVER GETTING HER ASIAN ASS ONLINE, I have decided to create this forum specifically for those of us who have come to be known as Grey Hearts, and for others who wish to befriend us.

Our logo:

"A good day becomes sad so easily. So many of us experience this too often. We eventually get used to it and after a few years, its normal. We seem like we feel nothing at all. Sadness is an everyday thing so it doesn't effect use anymore and we don't have much hope for happiness. Our moods are dulled down, our emotions are numb, our lives are grey. We are the Grey Hearts."

Make Seraphim proud, everyone!

*salutes and cuts the ribbon to the bar*
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Grey Heart Bar/Inn (an insane asylum in disguise!)
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