For those of us without color; we are the Grey Hearts.
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 Forum Rules

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Raziya Amunet
Raziya Amunet

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Sep 01, 2008 4:52 pm


-- Use of the "F" word is prohibited. It's stupid and not needed.
-- Any manner of insulting another member is prohibited.
-- Racial, prejudice, or religious slurs are not allowed. Tolerance is a big deal here. You WILL be banned.
-- Mods and admins are NOT the rulers of this forum; they simply help me keep everything organized. So, to all the mods/admins, the only person in charge here is me.
-- If you have an issue with a member, take it to PM. Don't flood the forums.
-- Explicit material (pornography, racism, illegalities, etc.) is not allowed.
-- Asking another member for their personal information is not allowed.
-- Participating in the illegal sharing of copyrighted material is not allowed.
-- Do not let problems on this site spill over into real life and vice versa.

If there's anything else I need here, please put it in the suggestion thread and I will consider it.
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Forum Rules
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